Selecting A Smart Phone Depending On Operating System

With the development of 3G technology, cell phone not only can make calls and short messages, but also can provide more integrated services with high-quality, including the image, music, video, teleconference, E-business, and web browsing. Actually, cell phone, especially the smart phone has led us into a more colorful world. The fast development of 3G and internet also makes the smart phone more popular. lenovo tab m7

Data shows that the shipment of cell phone reached 1.35 billion to 1.45 billion sets in 2010 all over the world, and the shipment of smart was 270 million to 280 million sets. In the year of 2011, the shipment of cell phone will reach 1.55 billion sets, and the growth rate is ten percent. We can find some results from the above data. Firstly, the era of smart is coming earlier and faster than predicated. Many manufacturers also shift the emphasis to the smart phone which has higher profit. Therefore, this new device will increase dramatically in this year. Secondly, the smart phone only taken one-fifth of the entire sales; therefore, the ordinary phone still takes most of the market share.

With the popularization of smart phone, especially the device with low price, it turns to the function mobile phone market. The smart phone, which can provide the users with limited data service, will be a tendency in the year of 2011. Whether the function mobile phone can survive on the market is a question. At least the 3G network will lay the groundwork of the movable internet. With the maturity of 3G network, the movable internet gains the support from the high-speed network and terminal devices; therefore, it is becoming more and more attractive. Meanwhile, the emergence of tablet computer and smart phone make customers’ demand strong. The market, which has base and demand, will develop healthily. The related integrated circuit is¬†BCM3345KPB.



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