Keep Your Central Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Do you need a new air conditioner for your home? Before you go out and purchase one, educate yourself first on the many forms of this appliance. Knowing its many types can help you provide the best air quality and energy saving in the room where you are planning to install it. This article will walk you through the many types of air conditioners in the market.


This is the most popular of all. Also known by the name unitary air conditioner, they are called as such because all of their components are already found inside their body. They are usually placed on halls, exterior walls, and windows. This type works by releasing cool air from its face and ejecting hot air from its back which is outside. This kind of unit is one of the easiest to install and one of the most affordable as well.


This is the compact type of unit that you can easily move here and there. They are used in spaces and small rooms where the installation of the usual cooling systems is not allowed. Just like the window-installed ones, they are also self-contained though they are positioned on floors. They expel exhaust heat via host vents that pass through exterior walls. Though effective, this type can be noisy as compared to other kinds. oneplus nord ce 2 5g


This type is also called packaged terminal air conditioner. They are the ones commonly used on motels, apartments, and hotels. Their system is divided into two separate parts with refrigerant tubing that are installed on walls. This tubing serves as the connector of the two sections. The benefit of split air conditioners is that they take less space when they are installed since they already have an internal unit. They are also more silent than the ones installed on windows and are not that noticeable.


This type is usually installed on homes. They are actually considered as the best kind for household use because they are very silent and are capable of providing the best air quality and temperature in a certain space. The performance of these units, however, is greatly dependent on the size of the room where they are installed. A central unit may still fail to perform properly if their capacity does not fit the room size.


These are units positioned on floors and look like towers. They also have separate internal and external systems as well. Unlike split air conditioners, however, their indoor part does not require any installation at all. These ones are usually used on large rooms because of their high cooling capacities.

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